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Now All Android Smartphones Will Not Be Rooted In Download

At its ongoing I/O 2017 developer conference in Mountain View, California, Google introduced some new tools for Android developers, designed to prevent downloading of apps on rooted handsets. The search giant has laid down strict rules for devices that don't pass the company's Safety Net standards.

"You can exclude your app from certain devices based on SafetyNet Exclusions. SafetyNet Exclusions help you assess the security and compatibility on the Android devices running your app," reads the Google Play support page.

It is worth adding that the Safety Net standard not only includes devices that have been rooted and are running custom ROMs, but also smartphones with unlocked bootloaders.

Although many Android users won't like this step by Google, there is still a ray of hope. The Safety Net standards mentioned in the support page don't apply to sideloaded apps. This means that users can still use the APK files of the apps on their devices.

"SafetyNet Exclusions only restrict the availability of your app from the Play Store. Users can still install your app using the APK file directly," reads the support page. It also gives steps to developers on how they can implement the SafetyNet exclusions on their apps.

For those unaware, Netflix recently came into the news for the same reason. Netflix was reportedly blocking users that have rooted handsets from downloading the Netflix app via Google Play Store. This was said to be implemented as part of an app update. However, those who already had the Netflix app installed faced no issues. The company soon cleared the air by saying that it was blocking the app for those devices which didn't comply with Google SafetyNet standards.

This is just one of the tactics used by Google to take more control of apps that are installed on Android smartphones. At its I/O 2017 developer conference, the company also announced Google Play Protect. The service recognizes and removes apps that may be potentially harmful. This includes apps that are side loaded on the handsets.