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Internal Memory Decreases In Your Android Phones, How To Increase Internal Space

It's not difficult to run out of storage on your smartphone. With so many apps and multimedia files that most of us are tempted to download, facing storage issues is common. And of course, not to forget those photos and videos.

The issue becomes all the more crucial in budget smartphones with low storage. But don't worry, there are ways by which you can free up internal storage on your smartphone. Here are some of them:

a. Start saving photos and videos to cloud storage services such as Google Photos, instead of on your smartphone.
b. Save files like Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive
c. Start using a microSD card and use it as the default storage location to store files
d. Delete any apps that you don't use a lot
e. Clear cache of apps through the app settings
f. Use an OTG USB flash drive

Apart from these, you can do one more thing - move existing apps saved on your phone's internal storage to a microSD card (if the same is supported). However, please note that not all apps can be moved to microSD card and also moving apps to external storage devices comes with their own set of issues.

That said, moving apps to microSD card is quite easy. There are several apps you can use for this. One such app is App2SD . Developed by Sam Lu, App2SD lets you transfer installed apps from your smartphone to the microSD card. On first start, it gives you a list of all the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Here, you can also uninstall the apps that you don't want.

On selecting the 'Move Apps' option, you'll see the list of apps that can be moved to microSD card. Simply select the one you want and move it.

Another functionality of App2SD is that it enables users to hide apps that they don't want others to see on their smartphone. Similar to the 'Move Apps section', it's possible to see all the hidden apps in one place. However, the app only directed us to a page that instructed us on how to hide it. Unlike the 'Move Apps' feature, we couldn't hide apps from within the app itself.

If you wish to disable or freeze apps on your smartphone so that they don't run in the background and eat up data, you can do that via App2SD too.