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Panasonic India Aims To Increase More Than B2B In FY18

A company official said, Consumer electronics major Panasonic India is expecting a revenue of Rs 1,200 crore from trade to business in the current financial year, which is on the increase of 33 per cent.

For 2017-18 this year, we are aiming for the Rs 1,200 crore from the System Sales Division. Panasonic India Director B2B Vijay Wadhawan told PTI that last year we were around 800 crores.

Globally, the maximum range of Panasonic is from B2B, but it is only in India that there is more contribution from the consumer segmentation.

Japan's firm is present in India in 10 product lines, including Projector, Panel, High-Definition Video Conferencing, Security System, Briard Laptop in B2B Segment.

For B2B division, about 35 to 41 percent of business comes from imaging business. Solution Network's contribution is about 31%, signage is 21% in business while the rest comes from Tough-books and Tough-book.

We are seeing an increase in all categories. Security in India has become important not only in government and enterprises, but also for the homes we are seeing a major deployment. This is a segment we see that is going to be a big development driver. We are seeing many projects for Tough-books and Tough-book.

The company is looking at demand from banking, financial services and insurance sector and homeland security. It is also seen traction from e-governance projects, retail and education sectors.