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Tourist Destination Of Ayodhya - The Birthplace Of Lord Rama

Ayodhya also known as Saket, is an ancient city of India, believed to be the birthplace of Rama and setting of the epic Ramayana. It is adjacent to Faizabad city in the central region of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya used to be the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom.

Located on the banks of river Sarayu, Ayodhya is a city in Uttar Pradesh with rich history and numerous legends. Former capital of Awadh, Ayodhya plays a critical role in the Hindu epic of Ramayana. According to the epic, Ayodhya is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. Given its association with Hinduism, it is predominantly a religious tourist destination with all its temples and historical significance. Most recently, Ayodhya has been in news for the Babri Mosque dispute. The mosque, which was allegedly built on Ram Janmabhoomi temple, became the bone of contention between Hindus and Muslims.

○  Tourist Attraction:

•  Ramjanma Bhoomi
•  Kanak Bhawan
•  Hanuman Garhi
•  Nageshwarnath Temple
•  Gulab Bari
•  Choti Chawni