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Live Like A Nomad in This Small Container Home

A Shipping Container Becomes a Beach Retreat

This bright orange abode, called Nomad Living, is a vacation home prototype by Studio Arte. It's a modular dwelling that cost under $50,000 to build, and it was constructed using a single shipping container.

This small space seems to have everything you need in a summer retreat including the perfect location. It's in Algarve, Portugal a very attractive and affordable beach destination.

A Room With a Beautiful View

This uncluttered indoor space seamlessly merges with nature thanks to those great glass sliding doors. When the doors are closed, the entire place has a gorgeous view. When the doors are open, the living room becomes an extension of the home's deck.

A Deck as Wide as the Dwellings

The wood deck practically doubles this container home's square footage since it runs the entire length of the dwelling. The curtains are a great touch that provides privacy. FYI, sunlight and large windows make small spaces feel like much bigger places.

An Open Dining Area

Large glass doors open up the indoor dining area. The deck curtains carve out a spot perfect for napping or working.

A Place for a Hammock

The last time I was in a hammock, the rope that attached it to a tree broke while I was sleeping. Talk about a rude awakening.  A free-standing hammock can be a great piece of small space furniture that won't fall. You can also take it apart for and store when summer is over. But not as quickly as this cool chair.

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?

While I've heard, you can buy them cheaper, on average a used shipping container costs between $3,500 — $7,000. When it comes to elbowroom, a 40-foot container will give you about 320 square feet of floor space.