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Five Things Parents Should Keep in the Car

5 Things Parents Should Keep in the Car

Being a parent of small kids brings a lot of unpredictability and excitement.  You can't plan for everything, but you sure can try to keep your bases covered by keeping these 5 things in your car all of the time.  

○  A Clean Change of Clothes

Kids attract messes.  We always keep a change of clothes in the car.  You never know when a mess will happen and it is better to be prepared than not be prepared.  One of my kids used to get car sick almost every time we left the house.

○  A Potty Chair

The potty chair!  I think this was one of the best things I ever chose to keep in the car.  Even if your child is potty trained, when they have to go, they HAVE to go!  There isn't always a facility nearby, or it's not suitable for them. By always keeping one in the car you will always be prepared.  

○  A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit packed with everything you could need. Bandages, ointment, Tylenol, Benadryl, anti-nausea meds, antiseptic pads, tweezers, all are things that could be very helpful during an accident or if your child gets sick.  

○  Activities

We keep a tote bag filled with activities for on the go. Coloring book and colored pencils are the most important activity for us on the go.  We do not keep crayons in the car because they can melt.  Other items in our car tote are a few dolls, books, and notebooks.  These have been a lifesaver when stuck in traffic or at an appointment.  

○  Snacks and Water

When I leave the house, my kids switch into starving to death and dying of thirst mode.  To avoid using fast food, keep snacks in the car.  Also, be sure to grab your refillable water bottles when leaving as well.  I hope these tips will help your family as much as they do mine.