How to Assess Parenting Skills?

Most of us think parenting comes naturally, but you should regularly assess your parenting skills. This will help you formulate a plan for more effective parenting in the future. Remember that no one is a perfect parent; all of us make mistakes in parenting.  Read on to know how to assess these skills.

  • How do you react when your kids do not comply with what you say? Do you get angry, yell at them and feel frustrated? According to experts this shows your lack of control and poor problem-solving skills.
  • Do you have a schedule in your house for children? Make your child’s life structured as it makes it easier for them to know what has to be done, i.e. when to do homework or watch television, when to go to bed.
  • Do you scold your children and regularly punish them?  It’s important to stay passive; positive parenting techniques like praise, good words, smiles, and rewards are important.
  • Do you listen to what your child has to say? This is important as this enforces the behavior that they should listen to you when you talk without interrupting.
  • Do not dismiss your child's feelings and concerns without paying attention. This makes them feel disregarded and unimportant.
  • Do you often give in to your child unreasonable demand and wishes? If yes, then avoid it as best you can—it is better to avoid a whiny kid's demands.