Avoid Making Mistakes While Exercising In Your Body

You exercise regularly and also advice beginners on postures and the correct way to train. You know the right stance and correct postures, yet you might be commiting mistakes! If you find yourself doing the following things, it’s time to change. This year avoid these fitness workout mistakes and gain maximum from your exercise routine.

○  Overtraining certain body areas
Did you know excessive training is bad and can release cortisol or the ‘stress hormone’, making your fitness journey tough? Overtraining to get six pack abs or the perfect biceps can do more harm than good, says strength coach and fitness trainer, Arnav Sarkar. Exercise consistently and correctly instead of overdoing it for quicker results.

○  Skip steady state cardio
Avoid steady state cardio exercises as they do little good to your body. Opt for high intensity interval training if you wish to burn calories. HIIT helps you lose 50% more body fat than steady state cardio suggests Peter Davison, Physique Elite personal trainer and Advanced Nutritionalist. You can also choose interval training.

○  Stop workouts at irregular hours
Choosing a right time for workouts and following the same routine everyday is important. If you are unable to make time for exercise on a particular day at your usual time, you can alter timings, but do not make it a habit. Mornings are the best time for a workout and here are 5 scientific reasons that prove it.

○  Don’t work out and binge eat
Have you been working out for an hour or more every day under competent guidance? Great. But that obviously does not give you the excuse to eat whatever you like. If you think two hours of workout can help burn the calories from a bucket of fried chicken, think again. Do not repeat the mistake of binge eating this year.

○  Don’t rely only on machines
Enter the gym, use the treadmill, cross trainer and some other machines and done for the day. Sounds familiar? Relying only on machines isn’t going to help you a lot. Free weights and floor exercises activate more muscles and are an effective fat burning and strength enhancing activities.

○  Do not ignore post workout nutrition
If you think protein shakes or post workout drinks are for professionals or bodybuilders, you are so wrong. Right nutrition acts like fuel post workout and can stimulate muscle growth and replenish the muscle glycogen. If you are trying to burn fat, drink a protein shake or chocolate milk post workout, as it has a great carbohydrate-protein balance.

○  Take short intervals between sets
It is necessary you take an interval between two sets of exercise. However, restrict the interval to 60-90 seconds. Anything beyond that will bring your body to rest, slowly making the next set less effective. Do not gossip with a friend during intervals and if you do, wear a stopwatch or keep an app to remind you when your interval is over. Find out how much rest do you need between sets of exercise. Also, change your exercise routine every few weeks.

○  Change your exercise routine every few weeks
Are you on the same exercise routine since the last few months? This can soon cause boredom and since the body is used to these exercises, the workout isn’t helping you much. Change the routine every few weeks and add more sets or exercises. You can also maintain a workout log to check what works for your body. These are 6 surefire signs you need to change your workout.

○  Don’t keep abdominal or other difficult exercises for the last
People often tend to cut short or reduce the time for exercises performed towards the end of the session. The body feels tired towards the end of an hour after a good cardio or strength training. So if you save abdominal exercises or planks for the end, stop that practice. Incorporate it in between other exercises for maximum benefit.

○  Stop relying on a gym partner
Having a gym partner and buddy has its own pros and cons. Pros- he/she will drag you to the gym even if you don’t want to. Con- You will end up skipping gym or workouts every time your buddy isn’t around. This year resolve to be self-motivated and make fitness a part of your routine.