Google is bringing company new redesigned Emoji for Android phones Just Soon

Google executives have confirmed that the company will be rolling out newly-designed stock emojis with Android O, later this year. As reported by the Fact Co Design website, the new emoji set has in the works for a year and a half, and is claimed to be more user-friendly.

"It's a communication issue," said Rachel Been, creative director of Google's Material Design.

She further added, "If I sent my friend the dancing woman on iOS and I'm on an Android device then I see a blob, there's a miscommunication."

"We're doing a full redesign of the emoji set," said Gus Fonts, product manager for Android.

He added, "We took a look at many things, but mostly the thing that's most striking is, perhaps, that yes, the candy dots or blobs, are now substituted with a set of squishy circles-for a lot of good reasons."

The blob-shaped emojis, which one can see in stock Android keyboard, will be replaced with round-shaped emojis with flatter look and more apparent use of gradient colours.

"We used a lot of reusable components. Expressions have a very consistent set of eyes and mouths," said Been.

"We used a grid system, most specifically and prevalent in people and expression emoji, and based it on the Material Design grid system so there was parity there," she added.

Android O is set to bring a lot more features besides a revamped emoji set. The OS is said to include goodies such as Picture-in-Picture, notification badges, Google Chrome autofill, new home screen for Android TV, smart text selection, background limits and various other system optimizations.

The new emojis are also likely to arrive to Android Go devices, the first one of which will hit the shelves in 2018.