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Powerful Email Marketing Tools

Netkosh offers the email solutions you need to send an email the right way. Experience how easy it is to create and send beautiful & personalized email campaign with Email marketing tools like Automation, user-friendly drag and drop editor, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, advanced metrics & reporting, and more for today’s fast growing business.

We offer web based Web SMS for Transaction and Promotional massage service for end users along with Developer API Tool and SMPP SMS / streaming SMS Gateway integration tools for Corporate users. We have a High Quality Premium connectivity to more than 250 network operators in 60 countries.

We are the Best Bulk Messages Service Provider in India providing legal messaging solutions.

All features that you need!

Manage Subscribers

Manage your user data in multiple contact lists on the same time. Add custom fields to store personalized information.

Drag and Drop Editor

Convince your customers with efficient designs. Drag and Drop Editor makes it easier for you to ignore the coding and focus on creativity only.

Responsive Emails

All the elements are designed to support responsive structure. It may be a Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.


It is the most basic element of email marketing panel. Just fill basic information, create design, select contact lists and send.

Email Automations

Instead of scheduling mails manually, send them just when it is required, on the right time or when user do some actions.


Set filters on your contact list and extract targeted information. Schedule campaigns, automations, A/B tests on these segmented lists instead of blindly scheduling them on whole list.

Multi List Segmentation

Apply similar segmentation on more than one contact lists on the same time. This will save your time in building similar segmentation over multiple lists one by one.

A/B Split Testing

Its is also known as Split Testing. Send multiple versions in a campaign and determine which one is the best so that you can send the remaining campaign with the winner.

Spam Analysis

We analyze your headers, body and sending path to ensure that any by chance mistake may not lead your mailer to Spam.

Image Editor

Images are essential part of mailers. Its a very tiresome job to find or design just right image for our mailer.

Inbuilt Templates

Instead of designing whole campaign again and again, create a template and use it. A saved template can be used in campaigns, automations and A/B tests. Read More

More Features Include

Dynamic Subject Line

Personalizing your email campaigns is a proven way to increase your open and click-through rates.

Geo Location Reporting

Analyze your open and click report according to the geo location of the subscriber and target your customers directly based on their whereabouts.

Custom Data Fields

Every business has its own relative information. Custom Field feature gives you liberty to store important data so that you can target them more efficiently.

Social Sharing

Not only you but also your subscriber can share your mailers on their social networking accounts.

Schedule Multiple Lists

Instead of scheduling mails on single list select more than one contact list and send campaign on all of them at once.

Live Testing/Preview

Send preview mail on an email id with all the dynamic tags replaced by subscriber data just to avoid last moment errors.

Unlimited Image Storing

Images are the heart of mailers. Store as much as you want.

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