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Compare Plan Features

Virtual Receptionist Features Basic SBM Enterprise
Channel 2 6 20
Concurrent Call 1 3 10
User/Agent Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Department Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Roles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Extension (DTMF Input) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Agent Permission sub Login Add-on
Role Level Access Add-on
TTS Add-on 30000
Ringtone Add-on
Live Reports
Agent Wise Report
Advance Report Analytics
Custom Music on Hold Add-on
Web hooks 10000 Unlimited
Call Recording
Contact List Add-on
Past Data Visibility Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Quota 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Sticky Agent Add-on
Call Charges 1 INR/Min. 1 INR/Min. 1 INR/Min.
Dynamic Greetings Possible
Time Based Routing
Multilevel IVR
Multi Language Announcement
Custom SMS API
Personalize IVR
CRM Integration
Call Logs
Basic CRM
Email Integration
SMS Integration
Email Report
Customize Report
Location (Telco)Based Routing
Add-On Charges
Sticky Agent 500 INR / Month
Agent Permission Sub Login 500 INR / Month
Role Level Access 500 INR / Month
Custom Music on Hold 500 INR / Month
Contact List 500 INR / Month
Text To Speech 500 INR / Month
Ringtone 500 INR / Month
Voice To Text 500 INR / Month

Virtual Receptionist/IVR

IVR system brings beauty in your business. Greet your customers with a professionally recorded welcome voice message. Build an image of a large company. Netkosh launched a smart IVR platform with a user-friendly platform and advanced features. IVR helps boost your business and create positive aroma among your customers. IVR enables sales, support and marketing team to build their own internal infrastructure in minutes based on customer's basic needs and handling process.

Web Based Platform

Operate your account on any location with web based system.

Lead Generation

Segregate sales and support department to ease entry of calls and build trust.


Forward your call from a number to any other number. No extra efforts required.

Brand Image

IVR represents a brand image of your business and product.

Time Saving

Use of IVR platform reduces your regular task time in a call center.

Cost Effective

We cover 95% of network worldwide and provide best prices.

Hosted IVR Features

Let your customers connect with all your departments through a single input and get engaged with concerned person instantly to enhance satisfied communications. A smart system will enhance your brand presence as well.

Welcome Message

Use customised welcome message with a human touch for your clients. It will give a great experience to your customers.

Never Miss Any Call

Every call is important. You will get real time notification of all the calls which are missed, through Emails . We make sure you never miss any call.

Intelligent Call Routing

Create your path to migrate customers according to the departments. Let your incoming caller be at ease and follow accurate path.

Multiple Extensions

We provide multiple extensions on a single IVR number based on department wise staff to attend calls. IVR improves your business & customer satisfaction.

Number Choices

Netkosh allows you to use your own existing number for Hosted IVR and it will be activated in 60 seconds. You may change your number at any time.

SMS and Email Notification

Get real time notification via SMS and Emails. We also store all number to your web control panel for further access & bulk sms broadcasting.

More Features Include

Music On Hold

Do not core your customers while your executive is busy on another call. Music on Hold will activate a waiting music while on hold.

Call Forwarding

We have a powerful system for call forwarding, you can get all your calls on a particular number instantly anywhere in the world. Cals will never be missed.

Advanced And Smart Reporting

Real time Log reports, Agent reports, Webhook Response, Traffic report, CRM report: All these on one single platform. Real time tracking of each and every call.

TTS (Talk To Speech)

Addition of this tool made the overall process much more quicker wherein one can simply type and convert the text into a voice format and you are all set to use it.

Sticky Agents

Did your call got disconnected while you are in conversation with an agent? Sticky agent will connect you with the same agent when you redial.


Instead of traditional �Tring-Tring�, let your customers hear some good music till the IVR gets connected. Let your visitors enjoy the visit.

Contact List

Create a contact list and associate with your IVR to get managed reports wherein you can fetch the reports through name as mentioned in contact list.

Real Time Reporting

You can easily get complete report of all calls in web based control panel for detailed analysis of IVR. Track your statistics & reports in real time.

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