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  • 1,500 Free Minutes
  • Rs. 4,500
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6 Months

  • 4,500 Free Minutes
  • Rs. 9,000
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12 Months

  • 22,500 Free Minutes
  • Rs. 18,000
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3 Months

  • 3,000 Free Minutes
  • Rs. 6,000
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6 Months

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Compare Plan Features

Toll-Free Features Basic SMB Enterprise
Channel 2 6 20
User/Agent Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Department Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Roles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Extension (DTMF Input) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Agent Permission sub Login Add-on
Role Level Access Add-on
TTS Add-on 30000
Ringtone Add-on
Live Reports
Agent Wise Report
Advance Report Analytics
Custom Music on Hold Add-on
Web hooks 10000 Unlimited
Call Recording
Contact List Add-on
Past Data Visibility Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Quota 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Sticky Agent Add-on
Call Charges (Leg A) 1 INR/Min. 1 INR/Min. 1 INR/Min.
Call Charges (Leg B) Free Free Free
Dynamic Greetings Possible
Time Based Routing
Multilevel IVR
Multi Language Announcement
Custom SMS API
Personalize IVR
CRM Integration
Call Logs
Basic CRM
Email Integration
SMS Integration
Email Report
Customize Report
Location (Telco)Based Routing
Add-On Charges
Sticky Agent 1000 INR / Month
Agent Permission Sub Login 1000 INR / Month
Role Level Access 1000 INR / Month
Custom Music on Hold 1000 INR / Month
Contact List 1000 INR / Month
Text To Speech 1000 INR / Month
Ringtone 1000 INR / Month
Voice To Text 1000 INR / Month

Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free services are widely used in all organisations to handle sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc. Netkosh Toll-Free number fits all your needs and business requirements. Beauty of Toll Free number; incoming visitor is not charged for making support or sales related queries. Client connects efficiently to build a better relationship.

No Set-Up Fees

Setup your Toll free completely (100%) free with Netkosh

Internet Presence

Generates your brand value and maintains online presence

Future Ready

Netkosh is ready for future challenges with its advanced DC

No Hidden Cost

We do not charge any kind of hidden cost for our packages

Own Indian DataCenter

Netkosh has SSD powered cloud datacenter to ensure stable system

100% Return Call Value

Netkosh providing 100% call value for your Toll Free number

Toll Free Features

With our user friendly & powerful platform use and application of our system is made easy.

Tollfree Based IVR System

With our IVR system, you will never miss a business lead. We ensure to deliver better services at affordable cost.

Number Choices

Netkosh provides you flexibility to choose your regular & vanity tollfree number. We offer auto & manual number choosing options.

Multi Agent Access

This feature allows your employees or executives to access their call logs when you are not available, so it divides responsibility.

Vanity Number

Vanity numbers are more easy to remember. You can choose eye-catching vanity numbers with Netkosh.

SMS Integration

Netkosh provides SMS integration feature with toll free service. All text messages sent to your number are stored in one place.

Live Billing

Netkosh provides live billing for your toll free services. You can check your billing details from your account as per the usage.

Multiple Channels

You will get multiple channels with our toll free service to handle huge traffic. You will never miss any call with our service.

Custom Music On Hold

This feature allows to choose any type of music like classical, optimistic, rock, or electronic while customer is on hold.

Multiple Ring Strategy

We offers multiple ring strategy. Our ring groups include Ring all, Hunt & Memory Hunt.

Auto Receptionist

Auto receptionist feature gives professional voice greeting to your callers. We also offers multiple menu options to choose from.

More Features Include

Auto Setup

You account will be auto setup for our system & we don't charge any setup fee. Our system will manage your account.

TTS (Talk To Speech)

Addition of this tool made the overall process much quicker wherein one can simply type and convert the text into a voice recording and you are all set to use it.

Sticky Agents

Did your call got disconnected while you are in conversation with an agent? Sticky agent will connect you with the same agent when you redial.

Contact List

Create a contact list and associate it with your IVR to get managed reports. Mapping of contact list will generate reports mentioning all fields like �Name�. So, sorting becomes user-friendly.

Live Report & Statistics

Netkosh gives you live reports & notifications. You can monitor your reports & statistics anytime, anywhere and take advantage of managing system easily.

Customer Support

Netkosh provides 24*7 professional customer support. We will resolve all you issues related to tollfree services via phone, tickets & live chat.

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