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Advertise with Netkosh
Experience the paid listing and increase your sales. See your business always on top, Beat your competitors, How?

Paid Listing : Your Information will always be shown on top of all in a list of your competitors in Netkosh search. e.g. If you are a doctor, your Information will always be shown on top, whenever anybody searches for a doctor in your city. If you search in google, google will also send you to

Free Listing : It will always be shown below the paid entries, at any position, may be 7th or 15th, may be on second page or 3rd page. Most of sales are captured by first entry (paid listing). If you have any question regarding paid or free entry.Contact Us


  1. See your business always on top.
  2. Beat your competitors.
  3. Quick & Easy Accessibility To Unlimited Business Leads.
  4. View Thousands Of B2b Leads.
  5. Get You Regular Alerts For Latest Leads On Your Mail and Sms on mobile.
  6. Reach Out To Your Locally, Globally Spread Buyers Instantly.
  7. Improved visibility and Best Promotion online.
  8. Can track performance of a campaign on daily basis.
  9. Build huge list of locally, globally spread clients.
  10. Visible return on investment (ROI).


We will show your business at No. one position on the internet by beating your competitors (Netkosh by Google). Boost your sales, by showing your business on top of all in competition, on the web, when a customer is looking for, what you deal in.


Business Name : Ahuja Enterprises

Dealing In : Washing Machine, AC, AC Repair, Refrigerator, LED TV, Second Hand AC

Business man Ahuja Enterprises wants his business information to be seen on top of all in for city delhi when ever any user is looking for AC Repair, LED TV and Second Hand AC in for Delhi city.
(whenever anybody searches any thing in, a list of businesses are shown up, the list is random, but now paid business is shown on top position.)

Keyword based advertisement looks like as given below screenshot.



Rs. 3000/ remote city

Rs. 20000/ metro city

Rs. 3000/ area of metro city

Rs. 15000/ state except metro city


first position Rs. 10000

second position Rs. 8000

third position Rs. 6000

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